Improve the way you study and learn. This program is conducted in an enriching and stimulating environment to enable you to take control of your learning and develop habits to become lifelong learners. Studies have shown that students who take control of their learning outperform their counterparts. Our approach, backed by years of research, teaches our students to work effectively with others and to be active learners—which results in increased learning and performance.

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Benefits of this Program:

  •  Develop lifelong learning skills
  •  Improve study skills
  •  Increase curiosity
  •  Improve reading and comprehension
  •  Enhance problem-solving abilities
  •  Improve determination to succeed
  •  Achieve better academic grades
  •  Increase confidence
  •  Strengthen interpersonal skills
  •  Improve communication skills

Duration: This is a 6 weeks program.

Time Commitment: 1 hour session per week.

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