Our Seminars:

The Unstoppable StudentStudent

Anyone interested in becoming an Unstoppable Students™ should attend this seminar. This seminar offers a complete overview of how to achieve your goals and achieve personal and academic success. This seminar is for students only.

All students who wish to participate in this seminar must be committed to the journey and be willing and ready to put in the work to become an Unstoppable students. This seminar is designed to expand your academic and personal horizons, through lectures, discussions, individual and group work. Our intimate class sizes give you the opportunity to receive individual attention from our experienced team of facilitators.

We at Philos Academy undertsand that student life can be overwhelming, so we develop a seminar that will help you thrive as a student and beyond. This is a seminar you must attend.

The seminar will cover the following areas:

  • Academic Mastery
  • Human Relations Mastery
  • Life Mastery

I am Extraordinary™ Seminar

Join the Philos Academy “I am Extraordinary” Skills Camp for students. This convention was designed to equip students to enhance their life. Our program focuses on developing well rounded students. We groom our students to be extraordinary in a competitive and fast changing society. During this seminar, we will equip you with life skills and habits that will serve you in school and beyond.

This seminar will cover:

  • Self Management
  • Public speaking
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Learning to be empathetic
  • Stress


Philos Academy Comunity Outreach

Cost: Free

Philos Academy, through its Community Outreach Service, is committed to meeting the needs of the under-served students in the New York City area. Our goals are to develop and implement relevant academic skill development programs for the students.

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