The Fidget Spinner

At School, at work, at home, and even at church, the fidget spinner is everywhere. Catherine Hettinger created the toy in 1993 as a means to promote peace, but discovered that it was best served as a calming device. In recent months, the fidget spinner has become the must-have toy in the USA among children and adults alike. The spinner may make students calmer, but they are certainly more distracted by the device. However, in the right environment, the fidget spinner can be a very useful tool for students.

The Problem

Today, many students are struggling with the concept of “breaks”; many of them struggle daily to relax and unplug (take a break). They are constantly in “go mode” in an effort to achieve more and complete their homework and social commitments. Unfortunately, the human body was not created to function under constant stress; therefore, relaxation is necessary. Students need to learn how to relax in order to function optimally and lead healthy lives. Constant stress can do great harm to their physical body and even their personality. Prolonged stress in students can cause impaired behavioral and emotional development as well as a host of health problems later in life, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Downtime or break is the antidote to this severe problem among students and the fidget spinner may be a suitable solution.

How is the Fidget Spinner the Solution?

Teachers should offer short 5 minute break at the end of each 45 minute period, where the students will be allowed to play with their fidget spinner. Students will sit in a comfortable area and play with their fidget spinner during the 5 minute break. This will be beneficial because it will reduce the stress of the preceding class and calm the students down and prepare them for the following class. This will be a win- win for teachers and students.

The fidget spinner, if used in a controlled environment at school can have significant benefits for teachers and students alike. It can reduce the stress students may be experiencing and keep their minds primed as they transition from one subject to another during the course of the day. When their minds are calm, they will think clearer and comprehension ought to be better.

Teachers, don’t give up on the fidget spinners so soon; instead, control the use of the gadget in your school and you may be surprised at the results.

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