What is Philos Academy?
Philos Academy is a global training and education company that provides online tutoring and training to students around the world. Students can sign up for our programs online 24/7.

How do I pre-pay for a session?
You can pay through our website or call our office. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal.

Where do I go to access online tutoring?
When you sign-up for a session you will receive an email with your session number and instructions to log in to our system.

How do I log in to online tutoring?
When you register for one of our sessions you will receive an email with the necessary log in information.

What if I’m not a student?
At Philos Academy we offer services to anyone who can use our services.

Who are the tutors and what are their qualifications?
The tutors who staff the service at Philos Academy are experienced, qualified tutors from around the world. Of course, each college has their own standards and training for their tutors. Our tutoring sessions are recorded and reviewed by experienced administrators who work closely with the tutors.

What are the service hours of Philos Academy?
Our tutors are helping our students online. We offer a 6 day per week service with tutors online from the early morning to late evening hours. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. However, our services are available on a schedule basis of six (6) days per week.

Who can I contact to schedule a session?
All our lessons must be prepaid though our website or through our office at (347) 687-0785.